Chassis concept confirmed by Microsoft

Chassis concept confirmed by Microsoft In just a few weeks we’ll see WinMo 6.5 arrive and there’ll be new handsets popping out at the same time. Unfortunately for Microsoft many are already looking towards WinMo 7. It’s believed to be a total “ground up” rebuild of the OS, and although we’ve heard rumours of a “chassis” system it now seems to have been confirmed by Microsoft themselves.

From what we can make out, the chassis system is a way to define the hardware specs to manufacturers, and we can only assume that Microsoft will be ensuring that each WinMo 7 chassis version will work flawlessly with that spec. IT Pro has the story here, with Microsoft Business Marketing Manager quoted as saying..

“Steve Ballmer has mentioned publicly that Windows Mobile 7 is slated for release in 2010 and we’re always working with our key OEM and operator partners on future products, although we have nothing formal to announce for now.”

“In the future, we are looking to deepen our development work with a handful of key OEMs at the hardware design phase, with much more carefully defined hardware specifications to match software requirements, which in turn will deliver even more powerful mobile experiences for our customers. This has led to this chassis’ concept that is familiar to the work Microsoft does with hardware partners in the PC industry to create high quality products.”

Link – IT Pro