LG Etna 3G coming to o2 ?

LG Etna 3G coming to o2 ? Well, now we’re confused. We’re getting wind that the LG Etna is possibly en-route to o2 here in the UK. Jemma Millman has just popped us a mail…

“I’m due a new phone and am on an o2 Business Contract. I printed out a list of phones that are available to me today and the LG Etna 3G has come up with a SIM free price of £147.”

The device, which is also known as the GW520, is listed as “Coming Soon” according to Jemma and runs Google Android. It’s got a 2.8″ touchscreen, sliding QWERTY keyboard and around the back is a 3.2 megapixel camera. Whilst we were trying to dig out more info we spotted this video which promotes the phone as a way to “Grow your social network”. Let us know if you’ve heard any more.

Link – LG Etna 3G Video