Another new 6.5 build – with shiftable icons

Another new 6.5 build   with shiftable icons Another day, another leaked Windows Mobile 6.5 build. Whether this will be 6.5 or 6.5 Update 2 we don’t really know as yet, but the latest build – 23037 – adds something we never thought we’d see. Completely re-arrangeable menu icons. Yes, just like Android-powered Hero. Whodathunk it huh?

Those Windows and “X” soft keys at the bottom have become more pronounced and you can simply click, hold and drag icons around to put them where you want.

Click over to this YouTube video to see what you just, might get very soon on your Windows Mobile phone.. or click on..

Edit – Thanks to forum member “stonescout” for pointing out that this has actually been in the 6.5 build since at least 23016.

Link – Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23037Video 2
Credit – Craig