Microsoft launch software app for feature phones

Microsoft launch software app for feature phones News today that’ll no doubt stir-up feelings with WinMo owners comes in the form of OneApp. It’s designed to deliver access to apps such as Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Twitter and others to feature phones. Oh and yes, those feature phones include the Nokia N82, N85, N95 and N96, Samsung Soul and the Sony Ericsson W580i, W595, W660i and W980 to name just a few.

Microsoft, in line with their earlier Nokia agreement, say that this is “complementary to our Windows Mobile strategy” and is designed to be a widget engine for offloading CPU and storage needs to the web.

Thoughts? Kinda makes me wish I had a single application on my Windows Mobile phone that gave me access to Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds as part of the default build..

Link – OneApp