Touch Pro2 no longer available on Orange?

Touch Pro2 no longer available on Orange? Just a couple of months ago Orange began to retail the Touch Pro2. It’s a kick-ass WinMo handset with sliding QWERTY, 3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS and the latest TouchFLO 3D interface. However..

It’s vanished. We’re unable to find the device on the business shop (where it was until recently) and Jason has emailed in to say..

“I just got off the phone with Orange Retentions and apparently they have dropped the Touch Pro2 and are no longer offering it.”

Dropped? But why? It seems like the handset isn’t part of the line-up at all now – there’s not even an “Out Of Stock” message on the site, it’s just… gone.. 🙁 Luckily you can get one from Vodafone or unlocked. Let us know if you’ve heard anything.

Link – Orange Business Shop
Credit – Jason (Spexsmith)