Texting at the wheel. Drifting into danger.

Texting at the wheel. Drifting into danger. Right, we’ve been soaking up the t’interwebs for 7 long years with all the latest Windows Mobile (and now Google Android) news and reviews. Today it’s time for one of those “public awareness” messages. We don’t do it very often and sure, nobody likes being told what they can and can’t do, but I see this a little too often on the motorways of the UK. Some of the infamous “lane drifting” on the M6 is frightening at times.

Anyhow. This video is a joint venture between Tredegar Comprehensive school and Gwent Police and is part of a half-hour drama called “COW”. It does have a certain amount of blood and stuff splashing around, so don’t play it with the kids in the room. This preview is about 4 minutes long, but you only really need to see the first minute.

Links – Gwent PoliceVideo
Warning – Video does contain some elements which are not suitable to minors.