More RSS feeds for your news needs

More RSS feeds for your news needs OK, a few changes have been happening here at of late. Firstly, all news stories now also include details of the category they’re filed in – look, this one is in “Website News”. See? 🙂 Secondly, we’ve got some additional newsfeeds for you. At the top of every page there’s an RSS feed for the news you’re interested in. The normal newsfeed brings you all the stuff we post here on the main page instantly, whilst if you only want OS-specific stuff, choose the Windows Mobile or Android feed, depending on your flavour.

There’ll be further stuff coming but don’t forget that our Twitter feed will also keep you posted. Do follow us, because we love all that Tweeting malarky.

Edit – Also added is the feed for – our sister site where you’ll find news of TomTom on the iPhone and much more.