Free Android Apps I’ve installed

Free Android Apps Ive installed As a Windows Mobile user for several years I’ve always been interested in installing cool apps. Now, on the Android-powered HTC Hero, I’ve been diving into the Android Market app-store for great tools and utilities. The Hero, which has just been released, can get slightly upset with some apps and you may find prompts popping up asking you “Choose application to complete this task” when you press the Home key or similar. It’s not a major problem, and I wanted to try out some of the apps I’d heard about.

All of these apps are completely free and I’ve recorded a quick video showing you some of the ones I’ve installed. There’s a file manager called Astro, a ringtone manager called Tone Picker and an excellent “Augmented Reality” app called Wikitude plus others. Incidentally, there’s an excellent article on Augmented Reality apps here on the BBC which is well worth watching and reading. Other tit-bits of information I’ve gleamed include and – two sites that let you browse Android apps without having to pick your phone up.

Click on to view the video or hit the link. Let me know if you’ve found some essential apps I should be checking out!

Link – Free Android Apps