6.5 Extra tweaks caught on video

6.5 Extra tweaks caught on video “Finger Friendly” is a term that I’m almost tired of using now. What else do I call it? Thumb-tastic? Finger fun? Either way, following news of more enhanced 6.5 functionality there’s now a video of it in action.

Now, we’ve gotta say that there’s been a significant silence from Microsoft of late, and whilst we sometimes think it means nothing is happening, it could mean the exact opposite. Something is happening to Windows Mobile. Tweaks that we never thought would ever hit 6.5 are now being made and, whilst in this build it looks a little hurried in parts, the buttons serve their purpose and that magnifying glass (hmmm.. that looks familiar) is a great idea. PocketNow is suggesting that this could be a 6.5.1 or 6.7 build, but we see no reason why these changes can’t appear in the first 6.5 ROM’s. Click on for the video.

Links – xda-developers.compocketnow.comYouTube.com