6.5 Demo. Multi-touch confirmed in 7. And more..

6.5 Demo. Multi touch confirmed in 7. And more.. Microsoft have confirmed that multi-touch will indeed be a feature of Windows Mobile 7 in this video with Electonista today. Not only that, but they’ll be taking aim at the higher end of the market with top-notch specs on the first batch of WinMo 7 phones. Admitting also that 6.5 is a temporary fix to the long-term issues, 7 will also overlap the upcoming 6.5 phones with the latter being reserved for the “budget” end of the spectrum.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently Windows Mobile 7 will be so good that 6.5 will be reserved for the lower-end phones. Way to make you feel special huh? Kinda reminds us of the old Smartphone (non-touch) and Pocket PC (touch) differences in a way.

Take a look at the new 6.5 interface here and do let us know your opinions on it. Unless I’m going completely mad I’m sure that some of those menus and buttons are already on existing 6.1 devices like the Diamond2, so I presume this is a build specific for that handset and HTC have left some of their goodness in there.

Link – Electonista.com