A new direction

A new direction Coolsmartphone is 7 years old this year and during our time we’ve brought you all the latest Windows Mobile gossip, news and reviews. It all started in 2002 when I popped into an Orange shop and upgraded to an SPV Classic. Back then it was just called an “SPV” and it kick-started a single page of “cool stuff for your SPV”. As the site grew we started covering news too – starting purely with the “Smartphone” OS only – this was the name given to Windows Mobile phones without a touch screen. Gradually we grew to cover Pocket PC (Windows Mobile Pro) and moved to bigger and bigger servers along the way.

I feel that Coolsmartphone has always followed interesting and powerful handsets. Recently we launched iPhoneBANG.com and we have a great team of authors working away on iPhone news. Although you may have already seen me mention this in passing earlier, I’d like you all to know that from here on in we’ll be covering both Windows Mobile and Google Android related stories. This won’t mean that our news will be diluted in any way – we’ll still be attending launches and reviewing all the latest Windows Mobile kit. Over this past year we’ve seen an explosion with Google Android which is simply too hard to ignore, so over the next few months you’ll see the site adapting and we’ll be adding new sections and news in addition to our recent Android forum and reviews.

If you’d like to help with either Google Android or iPhone news, please give me a shout.