Moto confirms two Android devices. WinMo goes AWOL

Moto confirms two Android devices. WinMo goes AWOL Sheesh. It never rains but it poors. Motorola may have generated a net income of $26 million but they’ve still made huge losses in their phone division. Shipments have fell by nearly a half – from 28.1 million last year to just 14.8 million this year. We’ve seen some good Windows devices from Moto over the years, with the Q9h being a firm favourite of ours.

Today Motorola confirmed that two Android devices would be available in the USA this year with more to come in 2010. Also, according to this article

“Windows Mobile was conspicuously absent during the conference call. Company Chief Sanjay Jha had previously said that it considered Android superior this year and had only expected to return to Microsoft’s platform in 2010 with Windows Mobile 7, but it’s now implied Android will play a more important role in the coming year.”

In our opinion it seems that Motorola will completely switch their Smartphone efforts to the Android OS.

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