Drive safe with ZoomSafer

Drive safe with ZoomSafer Here in the UK we have a law that prevents using the actual handset whilst driving. Whilst it’s ignored by quite a few and derided by many, it has helped. Bluetooth is pretty much universal here but still there’s too many people texting and sometimes emailing on the motorway.

ZoomSafer is here to stop you fiddling with your phone, plus it’ll update your social networks and tell everyone that you’re busy driving – even exactly where you are in the world. It’ll reply to instant messages and will only allow through important texts and emails, converting messages to audio so you can listen to them on your Bluetooth headset. You can also speak commands back to ZoomSafer, asking it to text or email people back.

To see it in action, have a look at this video of it in action, and don’t you dare laugh at the fact that the car is parked up while the guy valiantly pretends to be driving. 😉 You can register here for free, although it looks like only the USA is covered by this service currently. 🙁 Windows Mobile, Android and other clients are available. If you’ve tried it, let us know your findings.

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