LG Watch phone on Orange – Video demo

LG Watch phone on Orange   Video demo Main nan Conor Maples has been testing out the latest Orange kit yet again. This time it’s the LG watch phone we mentioned earlier. Sure, it’s not strictly WinMo or Google Android, but we think this is a pretty cool piece of kit nonetheless.

In the video you get to see how it doubles as a regular watch (y’know, like people used to wear before checking the time on their phone) and a video call made to 07794516618. Opps.. did I mention the number? Give it a ring yourself and find out what happens, or watch the vid here. It’s great to see that the LG Watch Phone isn’t overly massive and sits nicely on the wrist, although I think I’d still be walking round trying to find out where the phone in my pocket went 🙂

Link – LG Watch Phone