Toshiba TG01 Review now online

Toshiba TG01 Review now online Well, we’ve had the Toshiba TG01 for just over a week and now it’s time for the verdict. It’s the first Toshiba device we’ve played with and it’s also the first device we’ve seen with a 1Ghz processor. It’s a thin device with a massive screen, GPS, WiFi, shake control, accelerometer, Bluetooth 2.0, 3.1 megapixel camera, 3G HSDPA / HSUPA connectivity, brilliant video viewing … oh, and it’s a phone too.

Under the hood is Windows Mobile 6.1 and this Orange unit has both Orange and Toshiba control panels along with mapping, photo viewer and a new Internet Explorer with zoom control. The review includes two videos, pictures, screenshots and example photos from the on-board cam.

Link – Toshiba TG01 Review