HTC Hero – A video demo of the on-board compass

HTC Hero   A video demo of the on board compass A short while back I managed to get the HTC Hero for a whole week. I did 9 videos and spent the entire week using it as my primary phone. We answered stacks of your questions but, sadly, there wasn’t enough time to show the compass system. Luckily HTC have just sent me another one (yes, I know, you hate me) so the first thing I did was to crank it up and demo the Google Streetview system with the on-board compass.

The video is now online here and is a definite “wow” function which will amaze a lot of potential buyers. This will get a full review soon and we’ve also got the Windows Mobile-powered Toshiba TG01 review any day now, so keep popping back 🙂

Link – HTC Hero Compass Demo