Windows Mobile – Step up.

Windows Mobile   Step up. Buying shares in Microsoft has been a solid investment for many years. Microsoft is a large company with many different products and a collosal customer base. However, in recent years Google, Apple and others have proved to be a stong competitors in many areas of Microsoft business. Now Argus Research have switched their suggestion from “buy” to “sell” on Microsoft stocks.

I’m going to break into an editorial post here. Just a couple of days ago Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer mocked the new Chrome OS from Google. He’s done it before with the iPhone and I remember the famous quote from Steve in April 2007…

“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”

The worldwide iPhone market share is now around 11%. Sure, whilst Windows Mobile offers a wider range of handsets, Microsoft must start taking this increasing competition seriously. The Google-powered HTC Hero is great. It will take business from Windows Mobile. The iPhone is a good phone and is also taking business from Windows Mobile. The time for laughing at the competition is over. Respond quickly. Respond well, or watch the numbers fall further.

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