Windows Mobile – What happens now..

Windows Mobile   What happens now.. I’m in a privileged position. For the most part, I get to spend time with the very latest Windows Mobile phones and write reviews about them so you can decide what to buy. When we were invited to London for a huge HTC launch event I hoped it would be a new Windows phone, but instead we saw a new Android-powered device with a new user interface – the HTC Hero with the Sense interface. After spending a week with the device I feel like I’m in a marriage – I love WinMo. I love the range of handset types on offer, but the Hero was really amazing. I was having an affair.

The state of Windows Mobile right now worries me. 6.5 is still not on handsets, Windows Mobile 7 is still a year away at best and handset manufacturers will spend time and money covering up the rapidly ageing WinMo GUI. A stylus-driven business device is still what some people want, but the majority want a cool phone with cool features. WinMo has relied on fluid interfaces like TouchFLO to keep sales churning, but you can only keep polishing for a certain length of time. The next few months will prove to be critical for Microsoft, and I believe that Ed Hansberry has summed up the mood perfectly. Give it a read and tell me what you think.

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