OmniaPRO B7610 Previewed

OmniaPRO B7610 Previewed now have a preview of the OmniaPRO B7610 online. Equipped with a fast 800Mhz CPU, WiFi, GPS, 5 megapixel camera and a stunning 3.5″ AMOLED screen it’s certainly winning praise from the press. The TouchWiz 2.0 interface dives deeper into the OS and is easy to personalise, with the reviewer stating..

“You wouldn’t even notice you are using a Windows Mobile 6.1 device. Honest to goodness, we can say the TouchWiz 2.0 has done away with all shortcomings of the standard Windows Mobile 6.1 interface. Almost every single menu is either changed or features an alternative, is comfy to use with your bare fingers and so designed that shows it´s made by Samsung.”

We can’t wait to see more of these Omnia handsets 🙂

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