A week with the HTC Hero – Day 1

A week with the HTC Hero   Day 1 Early next month the HTC Hero will be available to buy on networks and unlocked for £399.99. Just a few days ago we attended the launch event of this new Android-powered phone. It marks a significant shift for HTC, who have invested time and effort in the design of not just a Google Android phone, but a phone with a whole new user experience. The GUI, known as “HTC Sense” was shown off last week but we wanted to see more.

Security at the launch event in London was tight and a bouncer manned the door to stop light-fingered reporters making off with the Hero units on display. The phone itself isn’t on sale for a while yet, but magically we’ve got one. Sadly we only get to play with the phone for a few days, but we’ll be giving it the full video blog treatment and taking bags of snaps.

Today is day 1 of our video blog, so I drove out to the country to look at the rabbits and play with this new toy. Check the video or soak up the pictures below. Do get your questions in.

Link – Buy the HTC Hero Unlocked @ devicewire.comA week with the HTC Hero (Day 1)