HTC Hero – What we know so far..

HTC Hero   What we know so far.. Confusion seems to be surrounding the launch of the Sense GUI on the Android-powered Hero last week, with rumours of it being made available on Windows Mobile already surfacing. Strange. We were at the press event and, from what we were told by HTC, the HTC Sense GUI is NOT coming to Windows Mobile. TouchFLO is the HTC GUI for Windows Mobile but parts of it include HTC Sense “ideas” and usability already. We noticed this when we reviewed the latest version in the Diamond2 – communication between your friends and colleagues gets grouped by contact, making it easier to manage.

HTC appear to be working towards a more “unified experience” across their handsets, which meant that we could use the HTC Hero fairly quickly last week. Sure, this isn’t powered by Windows Mobile, but we feel that it’s time to cover a slightly broader range of devices alongside our unrelenting WinMo coverage. What would be interesting, in my opinion, is to have one for a whole week – y’know, just to give it a real test. Maybe do a daily video blog too? That’d be interesting…

Link – Buy the HTC Hero (£419.99 unlocked)