Vodafone Access Gateway – Get a signal again

Vodafone Access Gateway   Get a signal again Arriving in just a few days, the Vodafone Access Gateway is designed to boost the existing Vodafone signal so you can get mobile reception. It plugs into your home broadband connection and transmits a standard 3G GSM signal so that up to four mobile calls can happen at any one time. Using femtocel technology it should let rural customers and anyone with low inside coverage get reception again.

The Gateway will be resticted to the mobile numbers of the phones you register, and you’ll have to pay £160 for the unit, plus another £5 for the privilege of getting a reception in an area Vodafone can’t be bothered to cover properly, we presume. Is it just us though? What’s you opinion? How would you feel paying £5 per month just so you could get a signal on your phone?

Link – Vodafone Access Gateway
Credit – ccsnet
Picture Credit – slashgear.com