The Vario V ! T-Mobile UK! Wait.. Not coming at all?

The Vario V ! T Mobile UK! Wait.. Not coming at all? The MDA Vario V originally popped up in February and we all expect the branded Touch Pro2 to pop onto T-Mobile UK following the launch of the Compact V – it’s keyboardless cousin. However, doubts started to surface after some people were told that the Vario V might not appear. Several of you chipped in with your experiences in the forum and now it appears that it could have been dropped all together. Coolsmartphone reader “Mr Sad” emailed in to say..

“The Loyalty team (Rebecca) called me, they’ve had an email to the team, its official… T-Mobile won’t be offering the Vario V – its been dropped.”

Now, there’s rumours that it’s failed some T-Mobile tests, but we’re not so sure – it’s selling on T-Mobile Germany so… what gives T-Mo UK? Let us know if you’ve heard anything.