Sportypal – Track your running and cycling

Sportypal   Track your running and cycling Do you have a GPS-enabled phone and enjoy runing and exercising? Yeah? Great, just jog down to the shops and get me a few beers. Whilst you’re doing that, why not try Sportypal ? It tracks your running and cycling performance and lets you log and map results on the web. Your average speed, pace, time and distance are all recorded and you get to see how you did on Google Maps – plus you can see how many calories you’ve burnt off.

Download the app directly here, just copy it to your phone and run the CAB to install it, then register an account so you can track your progress. You can see the sort of results that are possible on Mike’s page – he’s just given it a try on his HTC Touch Diamond.

The software and website seems to be completely free, so give it a bash!

Link – Sportypal
Credit – Mike Enior