o2 increasing costs of iPhone alternatives?

o2 increasing costs of iPhone alternatives? You’ll no doubt have seen the all-new iPhone and it’s launch on o2. However, it seems that the arrival of new iPhone handset has kicked off a price-rise with other premium handsets on the o2 network. Previously free on mid-range tariffs, devices like the Nokia N96 and Blackberry Bold are now only available on top-whack tariffs costing £70 or more per month. It seems that competing handsets have now been ramped up in cost to make the iPhone seem more attractive.

Strangely Orange have also bumped up prices of similar handsets despite not offering the iPhone, so they could be simply matching the o2 prices. Both networks deny the claims but, if o2 is indeed attempting to raise prices on other handsets, we could see XDA’s rise in price too.

Link – Mobile News
Credit – Johnny De’Silva