Tell us what you think – it’s YOUR

Tell us what you think   its YOUR This post in our forum got me thinking about our coverage here at As you’ll know, we cover Windows Mobile and everything to do with it. Just recently we launched our sister site iPhoneBANG, which you’ll see a newsfeed from on the right panel of our site. Now there’s more handsets being classed as “smartphones” – the Palm Pre, the Android-powered phones and more.

Our question to you – should we begin to cover these phones or stick to Windows Mobile ? Personally I think that there’s more than enough WinMo news to fill this site, so I’d prefer to launch other sites and integrate them here, but it’s your call! is now approaching it’s fourth month in action and we’re always looking for iPhone fans to help with news coverage, columns and reviews. Give me a yell if you’d like to help, or if you’ve got ideas we should hear!