MDA Vario V MIA on T-Mobile UK ?

MDA Vario V MIA on T Mobile UK ? We’ve been scouring the T-Mobile UK website for some time now but there’s still no sign of either the Compact V or the Vario V on the site. Worst still, Alex Roebuck has emailed after receiving a call-back from T-Mobile Business. He enquired about a release date for the HTC Touch Pro2 (MDA Vario V)…

“I was told that T-Mobile UK had dropped the MDA Vario V and now had no plans to introduce it. I believe that there are many T-Mobile customers who were waiting to upgrade to this handset, myself included!”

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got a Compact V in the UK or if you’ve heard any similar feedback regarding the MDA Vario V.

Update – Alex has just called them back and now they say that yes, it is coming but there’s no firm date. Sheesh.. Come on already! 🙂