Survey results – A quarter will skip WinMo 6.5

Survey results   A quarter will skip WinMo 6.5 Yesterday we revealed one of the real reasons you choose Windows Mobile. Our huge survey revealed several key areas for change and during the next few days we’ll be revealing more results. Today we cover the competition and your opinions on the new Windows Mobile version – 6.5.

We asked if you’d specifically look for and buy a device powered by 6.5. The results showed that almost a quarter of you feel that it’s just not enough of an upgrade. However, nearly 14% felt that it was enough of an upgrade whilst another 14% said that they would upgrade when their contract is up.

Another point which will raise concern at Microsoft is your perception of Windows Mobile. Almost half of those questions felt that Windows Mobile had fell behind against strong competition from Blackberry, Android and the iPhone. There’s hope yet though, as 28.5% stated that Windows Mobile 7 will be a much better OS.

Get the full details, plus your comments on this below.

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Question – Do you think that Windows Mobile / Windows Phones have lost ground to competitors and that Microsoft are playing catch-up?

Survey results   A quarter will skip WinMo 6.5

You wanted to make your concerns clear on this, with several people taking extra time to make their feelings known…

1 Image/marketing plus a lack of standardization like BlackBerry (3.5 mm headset jack is standard)

2 I believe that people, including myself have the perception that microsoft have lost their way, with devices not being smooth and too buggy. however I’ve just purchases a Topaz and am happy with it, mostly due to the HTC TouchFlo 3D system. unfortunately only the loyal will realise this, unless 6.5 really is ground braking

3 Yes, but the power with Windows Mobile is freedom. You can replace what you want and do what you want. You really own your windows mobile phone.

4 They have lost ground by releasing software when they knew of bugs in it, and did not provide end-user patches.

5 No. I think WM and the IPhone appela to different markets

6 No but IPhone marketing has pulled wool over peoples eyes

7 Windows Mobile HAS lost ground. That’s a fact – not an opinion

8 Yes, the iPhone offers an easier simple experience. However Microsoft risk alienating “power users” by dumbing down too much in the future

9 yes – behind on camera quality by a long way

10 No but only because Winmo still offers more tweak-a-bility than other phones – if the Apple supported unlocked iPhones and sorted the camera out then things will change. Andriod would have been a contender if Vodafone hadn’t omitted features (voice dialing, etc)

11 Lost ground and will never catch up unless they actually advertise like others do.

12 Yes – They will be playing catch up unless they understand how to keep their business. The only reason why Microsoft has stayed in business is because they have been the only viable option until the release of the iPhone 3G and Google Android. I feel Microsoft are being too short-sighted in there business model.

13 I think that WM devices should be for business and that MS should stop trying to aim for the general consumer market. in that sense they are playing catch up.

14 Windows Mobile is still far more advanced than the iPhone, Blackberry or Android OSes. All of the other OSes are playing feature catchup with WM6.

15 The OS is the problem, the hardware is generally top notch and very diverse

16 NO – WinMo has always been a niche product – but I think it is set to become more widely used in the future

17 I think they have a very different demographic, and cannot really compare. However, for the casual consumer they ARE playing catchup, but cannot be sure how they will fair until WM7 arrives.

18 I feel Win Mobiles have never really caught on with the masses even before iPhonemania.

Question – Windows Mobile 6.5 will be available later this year. Do you intend to specifically look for and buy a device powered by 6.5 ?

Survey results   A quarter will skip WinMo 6.5

This also caused a lot of response in the comments section, with 114 respondents taking time out to give further input…

1 I may look at a device but it will depend on how the OS stacks up against the iphone O/S

2 I may buy a WinMo 6.5, I may wait for WinMo 7. I do want WinMo

3 I’ll wait for an (unofficial) rom upgrade

4 maybe hold out for 7, but android looks interesting…

5 Hoping for an upgrade to 6.5 on my HTC Touch HD

6 why isnt there going to be an update for my handset to 6.5?! XDA devs to the rescure again

7 6.1 works fine. No need to buy or upgrade

8 What ever is available once my contract comes to an end

9 I am still satisfied with my WinMo 5 phone!

10 Skipped the Fuse. Probably get a Touch Pro 2 unless there is something significantly mor exciting within 6 months after. My Tilt is tricked out to the gills and is still a very good devise. Thank god for XDA and cooked ROMs.

11 No, just bought a Fuze with I.’ and the contract won’t be up for a while.

12 just got an iphone so will wait for another 18 months

13 Not sure yet, depends on if I like a form factor on Verizon plus feedback saying its worth the upgrade and then I may consider replacing my Samsung Saga.

14 I will buy the Palm Pre

15 If the next device I get is 6.5 capable, I’ll look at installing it

16 Upgrading current device to WM 6.5

17 i’m currently running a beta of WM6.5 on a Vario IV

18 Contract ends in Jan. Will look for new phone then. I guess Windows Mobile 7 would be good.

19 I have a brand new phone I should get an automatic upgrade

20 I just bought a 6.1 device. Why would I buy 6.5 less than 3 months later?

21 I’ve already moved over to iPhone

22 HTC Touch Pro 2 is upgradeable – will take this option

23 i`ll buy a phone powered by 6.1 and upgrade when 6.5 comes out

24 will need to compare to other platforms

25 I may use a “cooked” 6.5 ROM on my existing phone

26 Not sure which platform I will choose next

27 depends what the phone is like

28 happy with wm6 for now

29 I already have a device that will get a ROM upgrade to WinMo 6.5

30 Not yet. Later, maybe next year.

31 Probably waiting for the Palm Pre

32 I recently bought a diamond2 since htc said they’d update it to 6.5

33 Going for a Palm Pre

34 no – XDA Developers has my current phone up to WM6.5 (beta) already

35 u have 6.5 from xda

36 ll just upgrade my diamond to 6.5 from xda

37 I’ll probably be buying SIM free so price is an issue – but support of 6.5 is a minimum requirement

38 no – although my diamond2 is offered a free upgrade

39 will use wm 6.1 and take the first available uogeade

40 just to be up to date and also my contract is ending

41 still in contrct for another 12 months

42 No – I’ll try to upgrade the OS on my current phone, if that’s possible.

43 would like to try it first

44 Want Vario V and will update to 6.5

45 WM6.1 device that can upgrade to 6.5 (TP2)

46 I have a Touch HD and I’m hoping a WM6.5 update will be made officially available, as it’s supposed to be a top-end handset… but I’m not counting on it.

47 not to sure need to see the palm pre first

48 iPhone

49 A bit annoyed that I won’t be able to get it for my Touch HD 🙁

50 I’ve installed cooked 6.5 ROM

51 Just got the HTC Touch HD, will upgrade.

52 6.5 available on xda-dev for Touch HD

53 Im not going to buy a 6.5 and in fact if 7 isnt up to scratch i’ll probably migrate to a Palm Pre

54 Contract wont be up for 12 months so can not justify the expense of a new phone.

55 maybe but other features of the device will play a bigger part (wifi,hsdpa,gps etc). If a higher spec device came with wm 6.1 I would not compromise on features for the new os (probably with alot of bugs)

56 would prefer to have my 6.1 phone be able to upgrade to 6.5

57 Yes, but I don’t feel that WinMo 6.5 has any real advantages over an HTC with WinMo 6.1

58 just bought a touch hd and hope it will get a 6.5 upgrade

59 Just happy enough with Touch Diamond 6.1 for now

60 Bought an iphone

61 Cooked ROM

62 Have 2003 SE O/S now ready for upgrade

63 I will install it to my diamond

64 I will look for a rom upgrade for my current device, will be buy palm WebOS

65 Already bought a HTC Diamond2.

66 Will hopefully find rom with it on for my mobile

67 I have a year left on my current contract, but will most likely be looking for another Windows Mobile handset after that.

68 i’ll look for the latest version of wm o/s at upgrade time

69 All depends if verizon offers a touch screen qwerty phone.

70 Expecting an upgrade for my Diamond2

71 I will buy the next phone I want to buy, and if it has a 6.5 upgrade, all the better

72 Yes – because my contract is ending and I’d rather get 6.5 than 6.1!

73 NO, I invested in a flagship mobile phone, the HTC Touch HD, so I can’t afford a new phone

74 recently bought a touch HD with 6.1 18 months contract

75 Not sure as am intrested in the new iPhone, Palm Pre and Andriod. I have been a WinMo user for years and fancy a change

76 I was hoping there will be an update for my phone from orange to update the rom from 6.1 to 6.5

77 No – feel things like TF3D are taking the place and do it better.

78 Bought Touch Diamond 2

79 in a contract for 16 months..

80 I want T-Mobile USA 3G and a Windows Mobile device

81 win 6.5 does nothing for me it would be specifically for the phone and what htc put on it. plus with mobile shell and point ui why would I need 6.5? I’ve tested it.

82 No – By the time my contract expires WM7 will be out. I wouldn’t pay for a sim-free WM6.5 handset

83 no too bothered about which version it is, as long as its better than WiMo 6.1

84 I will buy a 6.1 device and upgrade it!

85 I will try to find a “cooked” ROM with the WinMo 6.5 for my current WinMo device

86 I will be getting a WinMo 6.1 device soon, but that is hopefully upgradable to 6.5, i.e. Touch Pro2

87 I will buy a new phone when my contract with Xperia X1 ends.

88 Possible, but I’m not sure if it will have improved enough

89 No – I have a HTC Touch Diamond WinMo 6.1 and although I’ve hugely enjoyed the phone I feel Microsoft have no idea how to treat their client’s correctly.

90 No, my contract expires in 2010 so WM7 should be here by then

91 Don’t know if I can upgtrade from 6.1

92 I’m going to wait for my renewal

93 really hoping for an upgrade….

94 my contract is in early stages. I might upgrade the os on it though

95 happy with my vario iv, have/will upgrade the ROM

96 Going to be considerering other devices this time after 7 years!

97 No, I’ll try 6.5 on my current phone and see what I think

98 My company provides my windows mobile phone

99 I might experiment with a 6.5 ROM on my current handset but will definitely not buy a handset just for win6.5

100 Possibly, on Blackberry now and it does what I need

101 Have HTC Touch Diamond under contract, may look for a Touch Diamond 2 style Rom with 6.5

102 No, because it will be available for existing phone (Touch Diamond 2). Otherwise I would be getting a 6.5 based handset

103 Will evaluate the IPhone first, and Andriod

104 Possibly – the device is more important at the moment; I want a HTC Touch Dual style handset with Wifi and GPS.

105 No because ive switched to an iphone and im happy with that

106 My contract is ending, so I will probably try a different OS then hope that WM7 is worth coming back for. It’s a hardware issue too, I want large touch screen, qwerty and 3.5mm audio, at present no network subsidised phone does this.

107 No – I am on new contract with 6.1. Hope 7 will be available when I reach the end of my contract. Will be sourcing 6.5 ROMS for my old handsets.

108 no-I will try to upgrade my curent device with WM 6.5.

109 I will probably flash it to my HD to see if it is worth it

110 I am already using it in a cooked ROM and I don’t feel it’s enough of an upgrade and would rather wait for WM7

111 Already running 6.5

112 my contract doesnt expire until next year

113 I will upgrade my device when it is available.

114 Depends, If windows mobile 7 comes quick, i’ll hold out my upgrade to get a windows 7 phone rather than be jealous for 18months!