o2 XDA Guide – Action videos

o2 XDA Guide   Action videos Following the o2 XDA Joggler we now have another bit of o2 kit to look at. We’re back to Windows Mobile and the o2 XDA Guide. Following our earlier pictures we now have some video snippets for you to enjoy. First up, the video unboxing, which you can get in HD too. There’s also a slightly blurry look at the switch-on and HTC TouchFLO system, which can be viewed in HD with the appropriate button.

Finally, and just to get you ready for the full review, we’ve got an all-action thriller in the form of this video. In it we take a closer look at the CoPilot software in action and the HTC Footprints feature. We also see the cradle in situe and the car-charger in action. Whack the “HQ” button for the full car-driving action 🙂

Click on to see the videos embedded here..

Links – Video unboxingFirst boot and setupCoPilot & HTC Footprints