o2 Joggler Video Demo

o2 Joggler Video Demo As promised we now have a video overview of the new o2 Joggler online. Available on YouTube and embedded below it’s a 10 minute look at some of the major functions. The device is billed as a replacement to your fridge magnets – reminding you of important events in your life and sync’ing with an online o2 calendar, however here we look at the other functions – pictures, audio, video streaming, traffic updates, news, sports, weather and games.

Keep a look out for the review online very soon. These devices are available via o2 and hook into your wireless internet connection at home with an ethernet connection available too. As usual don’t forget to hit the HQ button when it’s available to see the full HD quality. Oh, and apologies in advance for our cat, who decided to meow through the second half of the video 🙂

Link – o2 JogglerYouTube Video