Kinoma Play adds further features

Kinoma Play adds further features Kinoma Play has, in our opinion, always been the best all-rounder when it comes to watching and listening to media on your device. It’ll handle a range of formats with ease and we last time we looked it looked hotter than the sun, but somehow they’ve added extra features and made it even better. New additions include custom Home screens to let you switch quickly to your favourite stuff plus there’s a new built-in app-store will let you add extra features. This also adds the Mobihand Store to let you buy Windows Mobile software to your phone quickly and easily.

What? You want more for your $29.99 ? Kinoma Play has it – this new version also includes Facebook and Twitter all neatly tucked into the app too. You can also blur the social networking boundries, sharing your favourite YouTube videos on Facebook or sharing Facebook photos on twitter – the list goes on. is also on board, as is Flickr, Picasa, a news reader and your own space in the “cloud” for storing media. Existing customers, from the looks of the press release, can upgrade for no additional charge.

Head on down for the press release, take a look at our earlier story or click the tabs on the product page for a taste of what to expect.

Link – Kinoma Play ($29.99 is currently £18.78)

Kinoma Introduces World’s First Mobile “Social Media Browser”

New Kinoma Play brings together leading media services and social networks like Twitter and Facebook for the first time on a mobile phone

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 28, 2009
– With today’s release of Kinoma Play, the best way to find, play and share media on a mobile phone is now also the best way to find, play and share media across social networks and media services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa. The new release of Kinoma Play for Windows Mobile builds on its leading, touch-optimized media experience to provide a social media experience that’s faster, more fun and more connected.

“The new Kinoma Play connects your media and your social networks with power and simplicity unavailable anywhere else,’ said Peter Hoddie, CEO of Kinoma, “It’s not just that we’ve added hundreds of new features — it’s how naturally they work together, and how easily they work together on the new Kinoma Play home screen.” This new Kinoma Play release includes:

* Cross-social sharing – Kinoma Play’s unique approach to supporting social media services and social networks breaks down the barriers between them and is key to its “share everything with everybody” approach. Users can share YouTube videos on Facebook, share Facebook photos on Twitter, share tunes via SMS, and more — because everything’s a first-class citizen, they can do it in a way that would otherwise be clumsy or impossible.

* Your mobile media home – Users can now create personal Home screens for fast access to their favorite stuff. Exclusive ZoomLinks let users jump instantly to almost anything — individual items, entire albums, even to specific features of any Kinoma Play application. They can make pages that collect friends’ Flickr photostreams, YouTube favorites and Twitter tweets, pages of “presets” to live radio streams and podcasts — the possibilities are infinite.

* Twitter – Allows users to tweet about the music, videos and podcasts they love on the world’s largest microblogging site. They can update their status, and photo-blog their day for friends, family and followers all around the world with built-in TwitPic integration. There’s even built-in search so users can see what the world’s saying about breaking news, or about themselves.

* Facebook – The world’s largest social network is also the world’s largest photo sharing site, and Kinoma Play is now the easiest, most convenient way for users to update their status and instantly share the pictures that tell the story of their life.

* App stores — Kinoma Play’s built-in store allows users to download and update their Kinoma Play apps. With two clicks they can install the Mobihand Store app to buy Windows Mobile apps for their phone, check out screenshots and YouTube video demos before they buy, and even download free trials.

* YouTube — Kinoma Play is now the world’s most comprehensive mobile application for YouTube, the world’s largest social video site. There’s an all-new user interface and tons of features — upload, browse, search, play, favorite, rate, comment, share and lots more.

* — It’s the music service that “learns what you love” and now Kinoma Play lets users share their love of music with the world. Users can automatically “scrobble” while they listen, see and read about favorite bands and artists, find more artists like the ones they love and connect with what their friends are listening to as well.

* News Reader — Kinoma Play’s new built-in news reader application lets users read their favorite blogs and other news right within Kinoma Play, and play associated video, music, podcasts and pictures as well. By subscribing, they’ll automatically be notified about new posts as they become available.

* Cloud media playback and management — Kinoma Play users get 1GB of free space from cloud storage and sharing pioneer when they sign up within Kinoma Play — that’s enough space for over 250 songs. That lets users easily move media between their phone and PC, stream their own music, pictures and video without using valuable space on their phone, and share files and folders with friends.

* Flickr and Picasa — They’re two of the world’s largest photo-sharing sites, and they’re built right in. With Kinoma Play, the phone is an “infinite photo album” of personal photos, photos from friends and family and the most interesting photos taken by people around the world. Even upload new photos on the fly in just seconds.