Microsoft MyPhone now for all

Microsoft MyPhone now for all Back in February we took a look at MyPhone. The service is part of the Windows Mobile 6.5 offering but anyone can use it, yes even with 6.1 🙂 Simply put it’s a way to backup and restore your phone information to a secure website. The whole thing is completely free (other than your data charges) and you can share the photos you’ve taken on your phone with family and friends through the site. Contact and appointment information can also be stored on MyPhone and you can edit the details online with everything sync’ing to your phone at the touch of a button.

Up until now it’s been a “closed beta” which means that only a select few can try it out, however it’s now available to all, so do give it a try now. Don’t forget to sync over WiFi, cable or unlimited data plans if you’ve got lots of data to store.

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