o2 XDA Guide in stock already – Diamond2 approaching?

o2 XDA Guide in stock already   Diamond2 approaching? We’ve already uncovered the o2 XDA Guide and the fact that it’s coming soon. But, what we’ve now found out, is that it’s actually coming very, very soon ideed and you may already be able to grab one. Several people have emailed us and o2 shop staff have confirmed that it’s in stock now.

Word is that the TouchFlo 2D system is quick and snappy to use. There’s also news on the XDA Ignito, which is now showing as “retired” on the my-xda.com site. The Ignito was the branded version of the HTC Touch Diamond, so we’re guessing that this could mean the announcement of the Diamond2 onto the o2 network here in the UK as the o2 XDA Diamond2.

We’ll be getting our sweaty mitts on the XDA Guide very soon indeed and will be giving it the full Coolsmartphone review treatment, so keep a look out if you’re thinking of getting one.

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