The BIG Coolsmartphone Windows Mobile survey

The BIG Coolsmartphone Windows Mobile survey You will no doubt have spotted recent developments including the completion of Windows Mobile 6.5 and the decision to only include Marketplace in 6.5 and above. A massive shift in thinking has taken place across the mobile phone industry since the launch of the iPhone and we’ve seen increased competition from Google (with HTC-built Android handsets) and the RIM Blackberry devices to name just two.

With Windows Mobile 6.5 now ready to ship Windows Mobile 7 is already being mentioned all over the web and people are deciding to hold off in favour of what’s perceived to be a “bigger upgrade”. So, today we’re launching our biggest survey ever. We want to try and get as many responses as possible to just seven simple questions. This isn’t a lengthy, dull survey – we just want your opinions on some major questions.

Please help us to get as many responses as possible by emailing this to any Windows Mobile users you know. Although we’ll be passing the results directly back to Microsoft themselves, this is a completely independent survey by and is not sponsored in any way. Make your voice heard because you’re the people that count.

Link – Click here to take our survey