Automatically lock your PC via your phone

Automatically lock your PC via your phone Tom Ranson has just mailed us about Phoenix Freeze. Put simply it’s a neat little widget which will lock your Windows based computer if you move your phone away from it. When you and your phone return then the PC will unlock itself again. It all works via Bluetooth and Tom has tried it out with his Touch Diamond.

Confused? Don’t be. This video shows the software in action. It’s simple to set up and there’s a variety of settings to play with and it’s ideal for laptops with inbuilt Bluetooth capabilities. It also helps your laptop to save power – you can have it switch to power-saving mode when locked, meaning a much improved battery life.

The software has a 14-day trial, although we’re unable to find out how much it costs to buy.

Links – Phoenix FreezeDemo Video
Credit – Tom Ranson