Becoming a successful author on the daily commute

Becoming a successful author on the daily commute The Boy Genius Report today has a very interesting story from author Peter V. Brett. Some of you may have already heard how he wrote the majority of his book – “The Warded Man” (or The Painted Man outside the USA) on a HP iPaq 6515. He did all this whilst travelling on the Subway from Brooklyn to Times Square and back. The mobile working and the ability to write during this “down time” meant he could finish his novel more quickly than if he’d have written just at home. The novel is now on sale and is being well received by critics. It’s doing so well in fact that Peter has quit his day job and is now a full-time writer.

Peter talks about the reasons for not using a laptop and the other devices he’s tried on the Subway. About half of the sequel, “The Desert Spear”, was written on a phone and he expects the third book named “The Daylight War” to be the same ratio even though he no longer needs to commute.

This is avery interesting interview and I’d recommend giving it a read. Have you used your device to make use of the time spent commuting to work? Do you do something similar while having a coffee, waiting for a bus or on your lunch break? Let us know. Oh, and by the way. This entire article was written on a HTC TyTN II / MDA Vario III whilst sat by the pool in Fuerteventura, so I guess I do something similar too! 🙂

Link – The Boy Genius Report – Interview with Peter V. Brett