Windows Mobile Marketplace shots show up

Windows Mobile Marketplace shots show up There’s already some chatter on the t’interwebs about Windows Marketplace and the restrictions that surround it. The WinMo version of Apple’s App Store is already open for developers and after a quick glance a lot of the “no no’s” appear to be fairly normal. Don’t link to other shops, don’t do VoIP over mobile networks, don’t put huge (greater than 10MB) apps online, don’t remove the default dialer and don’t turn on the self-destruct feature. OK, I made that last one up.

Photos of the Windows Mobile client have already appeared online along with the usual doubts about their authenticity. Look. Categories. Look. Software. Can we have it yet? No, wait for your Windows Mobile 6.5 handset. Daghh…

Right, I’m about to board a plane to “no internet connection land” on holiday in literally 4 hours, so bear with us over the next few days as I slap on the sun lotion and get very drunk.

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