Texting whilst driving – another reason not to

Texting whilst driving   another reason not to Here in the UK there’s a relatively new law which stops people using their mobile phone whilst driving. Bluetooth accessory sales have soared as people now switch to Bluetooth headsets, hands-free kit and voice-dialing systems. Many may see this as a law “too far” and there’s still plenty of people choosing to use their phone whilst driving, whether it be texting, emailing or a quick call without Bluetooth.

Last night I was driving home and saw someone in lane one of the motorway filling in a form on their steering wheel. Just a week or two ago I saw another driver reading a book. So this morning when this MSNBC story hit my mailbox I figured I’d share it here. There’s a 30-second advert in front of this, but do bear with it to see exactly what caused the accident. Although most of your daily drive is just hours of tedium it only takes a small delayed reaction to cause this.

Update – The UK Government is to launch a new press campaign to highlight the dangers of texting at the wheel after research showed that 30% of young drivers did it.

Link – MSNBC Story