The HTC Touch Diamond2 Review

The HTC Touch Diamond2 Review We’ve seen many HTC Touch Diamond2 reviews popping up around the web recently, but we always love giving devices the full Coolsmartphone treatment. Thanks to HTC we’ve been lucky enough to borrow a Diamond2 over the last week and here’s the result. This really is a beast of a review, filled with up-close photos, screenshots, videos and example photos from the on-board 5 megapixel camera.

The Diamond2 comes just a year after we attended the launch of the first Diamond down in London. The Diamond2 adds an improved TouchFLO system, a zoom-bar feature, a higher megapixel camera, more ROM, more RAM, a bigger screen and now – removable storage in the form of a microSD. The GPS, WiFi, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, video calling, 528Mhz CPU and pocket-friendly dimensions are still there, as is the G-sensor and ultra-quick network connectivity.

Is it worth your money though? Should existing Diamond users look on with envy? Have HTC pushed the boundries of Windows Mobile still further? Grab a coffee, take a seat and find out..

Link – HTC Touch Diamond2 Review