HTC Touch Diamond2 – The TouchFLO tweaks

HTC Touch Diamond2   The TouchFLO tweaks Woah, we’re on a roll today. We’ve got yet another wide-screen HD wobble-cam video for your entertainment. The Touch Diamond2 comes complete with a “zoom bar” which lets you .. err.. zoom in on web-pages in Opera. The Diamond2 power really shines through on this one – check out how smooth the zooming in is, plus how quickly it loads on the browser.

There’s also a quick look at Google Maps, although I never managed to get a GPS lock as I was filming this next to a window. The TouchFLO 3D additions also include added menu and wizards, such as the finger-friendly WiFi setup. It also hides those oh-so-annoying pop-ups in a nice “Notifications” tab, which prevents your screen getting cluttered with multiple pop-ups telling you of new texts, new emails, new WiFi access points, battery warnings and so on. Nice one HTC.

Watch the video here on YouTube or enjoy it in high quality. There’s also a HD version available if you click the appropriate button. Click on to watch it here.

Links – Diamond 2 Browser Video (Plus HQ version)