The iPhone versus the Touch HD

The iPhone versus the Touch HD A few weeks back we started our “Week with the iPhone“. It all started off well, but we only got to day 3 and, in the midst of editing the other vids (which will be up shortly), a HTC Touch HD arrived for us to compare it with. The result is our Touch HD vs iPhone Comparison and, if I’m honest, it’s the hardest review I’ve ever written.

Sure, I could ignore the iPhone and continue tooting the Windows Mobile horn, but the release and popularity of the iPhone has caused a major re-think at Microsoft HQ. The future of Windows Mobile has changed in part because of the iPhone, it’s GUI, upgradeability, centralised shop and easy finger control.

We’ll have the video blogs online shortly but you can now read the comparison review which features close-up photos, comparison shots from the cameras and screenshots galore.

Edit – Now with the correct link!

Links – Touch HD vs iPhone ComparisoniPhone (o2)Touch HD (Unlocked from