GPSSpot – Find your way to any GPS location

GPSSpot   Find your way to any GPS location We get some strange emails at times. This one in particular seemed a little weird, “Don’t know where your car is?” Well no, not really. Sure, I used to lose my car quite a bit, but that was years ago whilst working at the local supermarket. I used to park it on a nice empty car-park at 6AM, only to find hundreds of cars surrounding it at 3PM when I’d finished. Now I don’t lose it so much, it’s a fairly expensive mistake to make.

GPSSpot lets you save your current location using your in-built or attached GPS device, it’ll then show you how far away you are and what direction it is – you can then find your way back. Find that favourite bar, parking spot, cycle or buried treasure 😉 It’ll display the distance remaining in metres or miles / yards and loads of screen resolutions are supported.

It’s free to try but only shows preset locations and won’t let you add new ones. You can buy it for a mere €2.90 (around $3.82 / £2.56) and receive free email support and 50% off all upgrades.

Link – GPSSpot