The iPhone as seen by a Windows Mobile fan – Day 3 (Update)

The iPhone as seen by a Windows Mobile fan   Day 3 (Update) I’ve had several emails asking for me to compare the iPhone with the HTC Touch HD in my continuing video blogs looking at the iPhone and trying to cut through the hype. How does it compare with the Touch HD? Well, thanks to the guys at I can tell you. They kindly loaned us a Touch HD to play with, but you can get one yourself for less than £500 unlocked.

The video starts off well, and there’s even a sneaky peak at Windows Mobile 6.5 on my Xperia X1!

In the video today I wanted to have a look at how the two devices compare when watching and listening to media. What is the quality like? How easy is it to get and transfer files? Also I look at making a call, some apps, browsing and lots of other things I can’t quite remember. 🙂

Update – OK, it turns out that the video I uploaded yesterday (Thursday) was missing several bits, so I’ve now re-uploaded the full version, complete with a section showing how I downloaded media for the HTC Touch HD and iPhone. Get the new version here. Press the “HD” button to get the best quality version!

Link – The iPhone. What’s it all about? Day 3 (HD Version now available too)
Buy a Touch HD –