Finally – Get Sky by Mobile on Windows Mobile

Finally   Get Sky by Mobile on Windows Mobile Some time ago I started a quest to get Sky by Mobile working on my Windows Mobile. Sky+ and Sky+ HD are very popular here in the UK and are similar to the Tivo system – you can record, pause and rewind live TV or set the box to grab your favourite show or TV series. Using “Sky by Mobile” you can also use your phone to talk to your Sky box and have it record a show, however it’s always been a bit difficult to get it running on Windows Mobile.

Now, thanks to forum member “Rum-Diamond“, we’ve managed to get it all pieced together and working on the HTC Kaiser (TyTN II). Full details on how to finally have the Sky Guide display on your Windows Mobile and send record commands back to your box is now available in this article.

Link – Sky By Mobile on Windows Mobile