Token2Shell SSH client now available as commercial app

Token2Shell SSH client now available as commercial app In January we told you about Token2Shell, which was available to download for free in Release Candidate form. Now it’s available as a paid-for app with stacks of features making it invaluable for systems administrators everywhere. SCP and even ZModem / XModem file transfer is included, plus there’s also login automation and command macros – ideal for performing large tasks with a single click. In addition you’ll find drag-and-drop screen support, ping and traceroute tools plus a full address book with lots of configurable options.

SSH, Telnet, Serial (COM) port and modem connections are also supported and this app works on all Windows Mobile platforms. We don’t have room to list the many options and features available in this app – it’s a full feature set which will have you solving server issues on the go easily. You can download the 30-day trial or buy it for $49.95 (ouch) which is a whacking £35.76.

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