Mobile Express now free – Manage texting from your PC

Mobile Express now free   Manage texting from your PC When people come to us about their application or game we’re always happy to listen, however when they say that it’s completely free we’ll usually buy them a beer and grab a seat. Efficasoft Mobile Express is a text messaging tool which used to be a paid-for app but is now freeware.

Imagine having a program like Outlook Express, but instead of email you’ve got all your text messages in your inbox. This is a fantastic bit of software and, after running the simple install to your phone and PC, it’ll let you manage texts and contacts in a friendly easy-to-use interface. You can search for texts, export those precious ones and see and edit all your contacts along with their numbers direct from your PC. It’ll automatically pop up a message when you get a text and it also supports delivery notifications.

This is a must for texters and I’ve already added it to my laptop. Believe me, give this a try and, when you’re sat at your computer, you’ll be firing off texts much easier than ever before.

Link – Efficasoft Mobile Express

Credit – Beau Chambers