The iPhone. What’s it all about?

The iPhone. Whats it all about? Back in 2002 I bought my first ever Windows Mobile phone. Since then, has been covering all aspects of Windows Mobile. We’ve seen the platform grow and develop with many different form factors to choose from. Now users are spoilt for choice, with custom interfaces, plugins, panels and widgets helping to hide the legacy “Today” screen and Windows Mobile GUI.

Competition in the marketplace has always been fierce, but one competitor, with one phone, has changed the entire mobile landscape. The iPhone.

It has issues, but what phone doesn’t. What we can’t deny is the success of the thing. This is what drove our new team of editors to start iPhoneBANG but .. I need to admit something….. I’ve never actually used one. Yes, it’s true. What will a Windows Mobile fan make if this thing?

Beginning tomorrow we’ll be starting another epic week-long video diary where Coolsmartphone says, “The iPhone. What’s it all about?”