Windows Mobile kit appears high up in T3 Hot 100

Windows Mobile kit appears high up in T3 Hot 100 We reviewed the HTC Touch Cruise some months back now and ended up calling it Tom Cruise. We were impressed with the 3 megapixel camera, TouchFLO navigation, GPS, WiFi and high-speed network connectivity. Now it’s in T3 magazine, appearing at 31 in their “Hot 100”, above the Google Android-powered G1. The o2 XDA Flint also appears at number 39 (aka HTC Advantage).

However, up in the top 10 is the Toshiba TG-01, a handset that hasn’t really arrived fully but one we’re already drooling over (hey Toshiba, can we borrow one yet?) 🙂 It beats the iPhone in their listings and is “one of 2009’s most exciting, innovative smartphones” and ends up at number 8. Yes, I’ll repeat again. It was above the iPhone, however there is a sting in the tail as the article states, “We’d have been even more excited if this ran Android – hopefully some enterprising modder will make this possible in the near future”. Doah!

The winner is the Palm Pre but I should just mention the Flip Mino Camcorder at number 84 – get the HD version of this, it’s perhaps the best camcorder I’ve ever had.

Links – o2 XDA FlintToshiba TG-01HTC Touch Cruise
Credit – Bill Lauber