Facebook? Windows Mobile? Get this.

Facebook? Windows Mobile? Get this. Sure, Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t quite here yet but we’re all starting to see bits of it appear thanks to xda-developers.com. One particularly interesting chunk is this Facebook app.

This can only be installed on internal memory at the moment but it’s a must for Facebook fans. The funky GUI and clear layout shows some of the improvements made in Windows Mobile 6.5 and it’s so easy to use. Now you can see what your online friends are up to and update your status with photos or video content. In testing it appears to work in all versions of Windows Mobile and I was able to add lots of random people who I no longer talk to as “friends”. 😉

Download the free CAB from the link below, copy it to your phone and run it locally to install. It’ll take a few seconds to process your login on the first run but after that it’ll run like silk.

Edit – This is great for looking at galleries too!

Link – xda-developers.com
Credit – David