More information on upcoming HTC kit

More information on upcoming HTC kit Following the leaked HTC line-up in January there’s now more information appearing on the web. First up the HTC Whitestone, shown here, will be appearing on the Verizon network in the USA and seems to mirror the specs of the HTC Blackstone (aka HTC Touch HD).

There’s also details on the HTC Thoth, which will succeed the HTC Athena / HTC Advantage we reviewed last year. This gets a much faster 1Ghz CPU (we presume it’s the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU) with a WVGA (800×480) screen and Windows Mobile 6.5. There’s also news on the Maple we saw yesterday and specs for the HTC Firestone, which could be replacing the existing Touch HD. It’ll be getting an 8 megapixel camera (wow!), 600Mhz CPU and a 3.6″ screen.

There’s loads more information across at Chinese media website

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